Journey, In viaggio col dolore

19. FLASH. Nectar and poison.

Miasto's experience was significant for my evolution. Read HERE the episode.
Later, I wrote some songs published on a CD, including one that tells of my awareness in the face of malaise, the sense of guilt caused by our religious, family, cultural conditioning, by feeling alone, in which I sing that alternative is the celebration of life.
'No more cruises
No more cages
Play your own guitar
Celebrate your life.
Why do I have to feel guilty?
Why do I have to feel so sad?
Why do I have tofeel no free?
Why do I have to feel alone.'
I didn't know much about Osho's message at the time, so I believed that 'celebrate' meant 'celebrate the positive things in life.'
Later, I learned that 'celebrating' is synonymous with welcoming everything, the various facets of our lives, the Saint and the Genghis Khan, and the Hitler in us. Accept everything, inside and therefore outside of us, because the divine is everywhere. A great lesson of genuine compassion that Osho often transmitted to us disciples, and of which I find a remarkable expression in this letter:
I am one with all things -
in beauty,
in ugliness,
for whatsoever is – there I am.
Not only in virtue
but in sin too I am a partner,
and not only in heaven but hell too is mine.
Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu –
it is easy to be their heir,
but Genghis, Taimur and Hitler:
they are also within me!
No, not half - I am the whole of mankind.
Whatsoever is man’s is mine -
flowers and thorns,
darkness as well as light,
and if nectar is mine, whose is poison?
Nectar and poison – both are mine
Whoever experiences this
I call religious,
for only the anguish of such experience can
revolutionalise life on earth.
Osho, A cup of tea.
Opening the heart is an essential pillar of healing.