Journey, In viaggio col dolore

29. MY JOURNEY WITH PAIN. Path of Love 2, Australia.

I fell in love with the Path of Love and had the opportunity to do it again as an assistant immediately.
I had a recording project in the pipeline, but I figured there would be time to do everything. I gave priority to my inner research and left for Australia!!!
Here is the first email, written after the POL's assistance, a total immersion without distractions.
Dear ones,
I am very excited and in an unknown space. Australia is tough, and the experience I just had as an assistant at the Path of Love has given me a lot. A lot of love, a lot of compassion, a sense of solidarity and collaboration, service. I sang at a celebration, and I will sing on March 15th at a big party organized by our group's DJ.
Sorry for the confusion. Many things are boiling in the pot, and I need to have them deposited.
I liked Sydney quite a lot. It was beautiful where my friends and I went and met.
I met Annemarie in Dubai. She had also booked the same flight, and she, too, decided to arrive in Sydney 3 days before the start of the group. Susanna, unable to stay with friends, joined us at the hotel very soon. And the most incredible thing is that the Australian assistant who came to pick me up in his car to take me to the POL had sat next to him Olga, another dear companion who also came with us to be an assistant.
After assisting the POL, I returned to Sydney in the same cute little hotel. To get there, you can go across the bridge, on foot or by car, or take the boat, every 20 minutes. A minister lives nearby. The area is residential and full of vegetation.The first morning with Annemarie, I must have said at least twenty times: "How beautiful is this perfume, this fragrance of jasmine!" and I inhaled by saying. "Aaah !!! ". The hotel where we stayed is nice with terraces and lawns where you can enjoy breakfast in the morning.
In Sydney, instead of pigeons, seagulls are walking on the street. It looks like a very relaxed city. The part on the hills is beautiful, with charming British colonial-style houses and gardens. There is a relaxed atmosphere, but I wouldn't live there, too humid. There is a lot of sport, but you don't feel many cultures, apart from the things they give at the Opera House.
There is a lot of sport, but you don't sense the culture much apart from the Opera House.
I now live in the bush above Byron Bay (45 minutes by plane from Sydney). On the hills of a place with a funny name: Mullumbimby, guest of my friend Prembodhi who is not very well these days. The house is terrific, even if it needs a minor restoration. There are verandas and bay windows everywhere. You have ever-present vegetation, tropical vegetation. The tasteful furniture comes mainly from India, and the atmosphere is peaceful.
I was sitting on the porch the other day when an owl came to shelter from the rain. Here they are all very natural, a little bit hippies. They drink vegan juices, smelling garlic in the early morning (gasp!), and they divide the garbage into many parts. They give back to the earth what is of the earth. They are very in contact with animals, and they are not afraid. 
This morning I found a mouse right under my food shelves. It was alive and trapped, cute but big and grey. They brought it out. It was not like our wharf rat,  but anyway, a Mr. Rat! We live in 5, and we share food, cooking, housework, and moods. Yesterday it was very humid. Today it seems better.
I am in a moment when I am processing some things, so I do not feel like staying in the descriptions, but I wanted to let you have my first impressions. I already have a beautiful memory of Sydney and the Hunter Valley, where the POL happened.
For the language, I don't understand shit, much to my frustration. It has the worst of English-English and the worst of American-English in sounds, and I sincerely hope not to get dirty in my pronunciation. I sweated so much to clean my British accent to get as close as possible to American TV news speakers' splendid pronunciation, such as CNN.
Today I think I will go to Byron Bay. I am thinking of renting a car as soon as I am a little more familiar with the roads. I have an international driving license, but the problem here is that I should drive on the right side. I'll see how I feel.
Therefore, a world entirely upside down, which reflects a part of me deeply hidden for time and which now rises to the surface with unexpected well-being and moments of "ecstatic love for life."
This 'ecstatic love' is very Sufi, and it happens thanks to the beauty of these people of 'advanced' conscience who smile; they ALL smile! The most beautiful smiles I have seen here in Australia!
I hope you well. I hug you all.
I haven't seen a kangaroo yet, nor a snake. On the other hand, two giant black spiders, but Prembodhi told me that they are friendly: the non-friendly ones you don't see!
'The time has come to turn your heart
Into a Temple of Fire.
Your essence is gold hidden in the dust.
To reveal its splendour
You need to burn in the fire of love.'