Journey, In viaggio col dolore

07. MY JOURNEY WITH PAIN. Genoa, the cure.

I had taken courage and, before leaving for Genova, I had contacted Irene, the mother of my former Genoese guitarist companion.
Irene was the kind of person who is always there. Able to be a genius in her work, keep the house clean and tidy without help, cook fabulous lasagna, pamper a kitten, have a green thumb, and in addition to take care of her husband, son, and mom. She was a person who embodied the teachings of Chinese medicine. She used to give off peace and sweetness but was authoritative. Once I called her, 'Mama.' She had welcomed me into her family like a daughter and had previously treated me. She practiced a sort of acupressure with excellent results, using acupuncture points, but without needles. Irene had extraordinary improvement results on autistic children. She was a student of a world-class French acupuncture luminary who invited her to publish her findings. But she was a shy and reserved person.
She asked me the usual slightly odd questions on the phone that doctors who practice Chinese medicine ask you during your medical history, and of course, she took me into treatment.
I can no longer precisely report what she said to me when she saw me in person and made the diagnosis,  but the sense was to balance the pancreas and the liver. This unbalance was on an energetic level, and thank goodness not yet in the body. Before, there was an urgent need to cure the pancreas and asked me to do a further examination (which nobody had prescribed previously). She wanted to see the 'blood glucose curve.' And when she saw it, she told me to avoid the sugars: no bread and pasta, no wine, no sweets, and little fruit. This diet would assist her with acupuncture treatments.
I discovered a new way of healing: moving, dispersing, activating energy in the body through Chinese acupressure, and considering food as a medicine or an intoxicating element.
'Make food be your medicine and medicine your food.'
'Store and treat food as if it were your body, remembering that food will be your body over time.'
B.W. Richardson
You will wake up on the indigo in the morning
when the light has one foot on land and the other on the sea
you will look at yourself in the mirror of a pan
the sky will look in the mirror of the dew
you will put the broom upright in a corner
if the witch slips from the hood into the kitchen
by dint of counting the straws that are there
the 'cima' is already full and already sewn
Clear sky dark earth
tender flesh does not turn black
don't come back hard
Beautiful mattress pillow of every good thing
before baptizing it in aromatic herbs
with two large needles straight on tiptoe
from above to below, you will quickly sting it
old moonlight in fog flare
that the cleric loses his head and the donkey the path
sea ​​smell mixed with light marjoram
what else to do what else to give to heaven
Clear sky dark earth
tender flesh does not turn black
don't come back hard
and in the name of Maria
all the devils from this pot
go away
Then the waiters come for you
they leave you with all the smoke of your trade
the first stab wounds to the bachelor
eat do not know who will eat you
Clear sky dark earth
tender flesh does not turn black
don't come back hard
and in the name of Maria
all the devils from this pot
go away.
Fabrizio De Andrè- Ivano Fossati