Musical work

Sing along with the piano. Tips and tricks to create magic.

I recorded a new song. 'This time, it was' Coldplay' that inspired me. You can listen to it HERE.
To accompany me on the piano and sing, I recommend to myself, and to those who try their hand at the enterprise, ALWAYS choose a comfortable tonality, which does not create tension in the execution. I am fortunate to have a wide vocal range, even now that I am not very young. Indeed, with age, I have acquired a good presence in my medium-low register, so in this case, I took advantage of it and, after having transported the song in at least two different tones, in the end, I chose this more serious one. In this way, I can play much easier chords on the piano, in a 'common' key, giving relaxation in accompanying myself. Furthermore, while I was rehearsing it in various tones, I appropriated the text, meaning, and resonated in me. I felt that I wanted to sing as little as possible, almost a "speaking while singing" to highlight his beautiful words of ' love, speaking of the eternal dichotomy between heart and reason, between the voice of the mind and the heart's voice. By choosing my low key, I can "speak my song" When the chorus opens, which arrives unexpectedly in the upper-middle register, I can play with power (always with elegance!) And with a full, bright, and still comfortable color.
Have good listening! HERE 
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