Journey, In viaggio col dolore

09. FLASH. Dr. Bruce Lipton, on healing.

"When we talk about the health of the body, we need to know that the body can take two directions: to be growing or to be in protection.
They are two different behaviors, and they are mutually exclusive.
A stimulus that offers growth is a stimulus that I want to develop and preserve, like love. I will move towards love, and I will accept it: assimilation and growth.
On the contrary, if a stimulus is hostile and threatening, I move away from that, and I close in on myself.
What's the point? With growth, I move towards the stimulus, while with the protection, I move away. Change means being open to assimilation. Protection means being closed from it. You cannot move back and forth at the same time, be available or closed at the same time. Growth and protection are mutually exclusive. If I have a negative perception of my life or negative diagnosis, what will I do? I will try to protect myself by closing my system towards the problem. Shutting down the system is the opposite of growth and can cause disease and death. Fear leads to death, so don't be afraid. But do I have love? Because love opens us to new things and allows us to grow. If you're not stressed, and you don't have love, what are you? You are in the middle, and nothing happens in the middle. You don't grow up, and you don't protect yourself.
If you want to increase vitality, you have to go from fear to grow. It is necessary to imagine happy, complete things, to be part of something vibrant and alive, for these stimuli to point to growth. If you get rid of stress, but you don't have love or change, you are in nothing, you don't grow and die, you don't do anything. But if you remove stress, and replace it with love, suddenly you go from a closed system to an open plan, and you become healthy and grow. Therefore, the problem is not just eliminating stress, but eliminating it and replacing it with something positive, loving, and growth-promoting. "
Bruce Lipton
To learn more, HERE on his Youtube channel.