Journey, In viaggio col dolore

11. FLASH. Feed gratitude. How?

I learned that finding the inspiration to be grateful even in the little everyday things that I would take for granted changes my day and, above all, raises me to a lighter energy state and gives me strength, enthusiasm, peace, hope, and trust. My vibration gets up. Every morning, as soon as I open my eyes, I thank: to be still here, alive, to be able to look at what surrounds me, all in all, to be able to move - better sometimes worse - than the day before, but in any case that my body is improving and I with him to nourish my well-being and my health. Then I thank you for being able to take advantage of the comforts of my home, of the flower pots given away by my friends and brothers, how good this new freshly toasted gluten-free bread is. Every day I find a different reason to feel grateful. Grateful not only for the things but also for the people I have in my life, for being a disciple of Osho, feeling that form of Love so unique for Him, or having many gifts, resources, and tools to live, many essential qualities.
The more I practice this exercise, the more I find reasons to be genuinely grateful.
At first, this gratitude may be a bit intellectual, but, over time, it feels more and more.
There is a beautiful free work that Deepak Chopra offers HERE on Gratitude, in Italian. Just follow the link instructions. It lasts a week.
It arrives in your inbox and is a great way to feed your gratitude through daily meditation, a series of questions, and the possibility, if you want, to expand the theme of the day.
**I didn't find the same work in English, but HERE there is still something deeply inspirational.**
"When I feel gratitude, I find my Grace."
Deepak Chopra