Journey, In viaggio col dolore

07. FLASH Diet = Way of life

It is now well known that an adjunct to treatment is choosing a suitable diet. From the Greek: diaita = way of life "In the antiquity of Greek medicine, the diet, in the sense of a way of life aimed at health, provided rules that governed every aspect of daily life: from nutrition to physical exercise, to rest. Not an extraordinary slimming therapy, but an order to be observed with diligence to take constant care of one's life. "
And increasingly, in the search for my state of well-being and health, I follow this thought, which is also very contemporary and current.
Therefore, speaking exclusively of food, 'diet' not to want to lose weight but 'diet' in the sense of following dietary rules or an existing system that accompanies us in the search for our well-being. That the body then reacts by deflating and becoming more harmonious and beautiful is one of the consequences.
Taking food intolerance tests and avoiding highlighted foods is the first thing I did, many years ago. Most often they are gluten, cow's milk, yeast ... but also nuts. Avoiding what hurts us, creates a basic-acid imbalance, and causes inflammation in the organism is already a remarkable anti-inflammatory cure.
The Kousmine method involves this practice and also the preparation of a Budwig cream to eat for breakfast. In this cream, there are all the essential ingredients for the daily well-being of our body.
To learn more about this method based on 5 pillars read HERE
I have tried Macrobiotics in different periods of my life and it has always brought me considerable benefits. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to cook and it is necessary to take courses and learn from an experienced and knowledgeable cook. It is a very refined system. For example, the way to cut a vegetable changes the energy of the dish so you have to learn the associations of foods, their qualities, how to cut them, whether yin or yang, the way of cooking, and the choice of food according to the season and the type of energy you want to eat.
I was curated by Gisela Perlen who I don't know if she still holds courses, but she has this great online shop with her recipes in the blog.
A method perhaps more adaptable to our daily life is that of Devi Francesca Cillo, The Sautòn method. Francesca is very understanding having experienced many schools of thought. She teaches you to understand what goes on in your body every time you incorporate something into your body. And she also gives you easy first rules to use to get started.
Then there is the blood type diet. Incredible how all people who have arthritis are Zero groups!!! The group of the caveman who ate a lot of meat and with a very powerful immune system.
The basic rule is to cook yourself or in any case avoid eating outside the home every day. Avoid industrial products and choose good quality food.
I rewrite this sentence that appears in the 7th episode because it represents the pure, inexorable reality.
'Store and treat food as if it were your body, remembering that over time the food will be your body.'
B.W. Richardson