'IN VIAGGIO COL DOLORE' Translated in English! Very soon!

Soon I will publish here on my website and on an Fcbk page my story translated in English 'My journey with pain.' I learned not to become a victim of it, not to give up anything. I lived for two weeks in a yurt at 1500 meters in the Celestial Mountains, getting up at 6 in the morning and practicing the meditation of the Sufi whirling dance on the sands of a magnificent salt lake. I walked for hours in New York, looking for opportunities for my jazz voice and musical talent. Even in the worst moments, 80% handicap, I never stopped singing, wishing, planning. In addition to my story, I share the deep understandings received through some of my inner passages. And then many songs!
I hope my wound will become a useful and welcome gift for someone.